I entered a SciComm contest!

The wonderful YouTube channel Veritasium is hosting a contest to promote science communication on the internet and of course, I had to participate.

I spent a month narrowing my topic, doing extra reading to refresh my knowledge, writing scripts, sketching a story board, and learning basic animations (on PowerPoint, but hey I had to use what is available and free!). I even checked out a good camera and microphone from my University’s library and booked time at our Department’s fancy microscope to shoot.

But when I finished, it didn’t feel right.

YouTube videos are not my usual format, but the Veritasium contest was not running on my main platform of Instagram. In an attempt to make a “YouTube” video, I lost my message.

So instead, I just made a video. No fancy equipment. Just a green screen filter and a topic that fascinates me! Not for an ambiguous YouTube audience. Just for you, friend, because I want to share interesting stuff with you.

Now I need views because the contest judges are only reviewing the most-viewed entries; will you support my participation by watching my video and sharing it with friends?

You can watch my entry here: https://youtu.be/ZAipkn3Tu8E

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