Science is the study of nature, and nature is the creation of God. Every amazing thing that science uncovers is another reason to praise the one who made all things! God is the master designer, engineer, and artist of the universe. Every created thing displays the glory of the Creator, and if you look closely, you will find that God thought of every detail in his plans. Nothing was forgotten. Everything has a purpose. It is my prayer that you would experience God magnified by the content on this site! Science belongs to him.

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Meet PAH!

As part of their check-up at birth, babies get a prick on the heel. Among many other things, the blood tests for the function of a protein called phenylalanine hydroxylase. (Scientists sometimes call it “PAH” for convenience.) PAH is the first in a sequence of enzymes that break down excess phenylalanine. It speeds up the…

The Language of God

The book that started it all. When I was in high school, I was troubled by a common idea in Christian circles: science was for atheists. But… I liked science a lot. I also believed in Jesus. What I knew about the God of the Bible just didn’t seem to go against what I knew…

Define Your Terms: Evolution

Words can take on different connotations and even meanings in different spaces. Right now, you and I have the ability to communicate with each other because we have agreed that certain words have certain meanings. When I say, “cloud,” you know that I am talking about a white or grey, fluffy-looking mass of water vapor…

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