The Language of God

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The book that started it all.

When I was in high school, I was troubled by a common idea in Christian circles: science was for atheists. But… I liked science a lot. I also believed in Jesus. What I knew about the God of the Bible just didn’t seem to go against what I knew about science, at least not the scientific method.

So, as a nerd does in the face of a problem, I did research, leading me to Francis Collin’s book, The Language of God.

Francis Collins is well known for his position as director of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and leader of the international Human Genome Project. A real scientist.

In his book, Collins addresses “the chasm between science and faith” from the lens of his experience and expertise as a geneticist. The meat of the book discusses origin/worldview theories, exploring their strengths, weaknesses, and how we interact with them. Collins concludes by proposing a position emphasizing harmony between faith and science which he names, “BioLogos.”

One of my favorite things about The Language of God is the obviousness of Collins’ enthusiasm for God’s creation. It is clear through his writing that he has closely and truly witnessed science magnify the glory of God. (Plus, you will learn some incredible things in your reading that invite you to see this glory for yourself!)

I highly recommend The Language of God to everyone, whether you are a professing Christian, a scientist, or neither. The content that Collins covers impacts the way we understand truth, and truth is relevant to all of us.

“I found it difficult to imagine that there could be a real conflict between scientific truth and spiritual truth. Truth is truth. Truth cannot disprove truth.”

Francis Collins, The Language of God

Have you read The Language of God? If so, tell me your favorite part in the comments or DM me @science.magnifies on Instagram!

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